Wheels Debuts Self-Service Pool Vehicle Checkout Solution

A graphic shows two cell phone screens displaying the Pool CheckOut app, with one showing the choice to book a vehicle or check current bookings, and the other showing available vehicle options.

Pool CheckOut integrates with FleetView and the Wheels Mobile Assistant app.

Photo: Wheels/Automotive Fleet

Wheels has launched Pool CheckOut, its new end-to-end solution for managing shared vehicles. Pool CheckOut is designed to improve fleet productivity by providing organizations with a seamless, self-service digital tool that allows drivers and administrators to reserve and checkout vehicles.

Boosting Efficiency in Shared Vehicle Management

Pool CheckOut provides transparency and efficiency in managing shared vehicles for commercial fleets.

The new cloud-enabled fleet management solution incorporates a number of features such as instant access to booking data, automated scheduling, checklist inspections, optimizing vehicle distribution to meet demand, and key management solutions like connected and keyless access to vehicles.

Through integration with FleetView and the Wheels Mobile Assistant app, clients could see benefits from Pool CheckOut including:

  • Improved driver accountability by tracking which driver is using which vehicle, helping to maintain vehicle integrity and safety standards.
  • Reduced downtime for both vehicles and drivers.
  • Expanded mobility options, offering a variety of vehicles to drivers and employees, thereby expanding operational efficiency.
  • Greater visibility into vehicle and driver data, allowing for informed decision-making and improved fleet management.
  • Increased cost efficiencies by streamlining administrative tasks and optimizing vehicle usage, which reduces operational costs.

“Optimizing fleet vehicle usage and decreasing downtime is a challenge many organizations face,” Wheels Chief Digital Officer Greg Buckland said. “We saw this as an opportunity to continue to shape the future of mobility by developing and integrating Pool CheckOut into our platforms to provide real-time data analytics into vehicle utilization and usage trends while also saving our clients time and money.”

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