Tom Holland Helped This Shirt Sell Out for Two Years Straight

Way back in 2022, Tom Holland and his sold-out Percival polo shirt were spotted amid the seats of the Men’s Final of the BNP Paribas Open, providing endless mood board fodder in the process. And then, as quickly as it appeared, Percival’s Pablo polo was gone, scooped up by hundreds of Holland fiends looking to ape his style. The day of the shirt’s return would be a big one…and it’s finally arrived.

It’s hardly difficult to understand the appeal. What the Pablo shirt offers is a slice of The Talented Mr Ripley, a lightweight knit number primed for unpredictable summer temperatures. It’s made for braving the beer garden when the forecast predicts rain, and for keeping your fingers crossed while ol’ Gazza Southgate marches his boys across the pitch. Don’t take our word for it: The Rock, Chris Evans, Michael B. Jordan, and Paul Mescal are all fans of the brand’s swaggering knits, a megawatt roster we’d pay top dollar to see in theaters in the next Marvel blockbuster.


Pablo Cotton Knitted Shirt

When the shirt first caught our attention in 2022, Holland dressed it down with a crisp white tank top, a slim silver chain, and leading-man tinted shades—along with the requisite tousled curls and a brow furrowed in concentration. It was a masterclass in aspirational-yet-achievable style (sitting next to Zendaya tends to help).

“The Pablo knit polo is a true staple design,” Percival co-founder Terry Donovan says. “It gives the vibe of the Italian Rivera but with a snappy, contemporary feel.” If it’s good enough for Spider-Man, Donovan cheekily notes, “it’s definitely good enough for you.”

This story originally appeared on British GQ with the title ‘After two long years, Tom Holland’s Percival polo shirt has finally been restocked.’

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