These Yoga Sandals Eliminate the Possibility of Ankle Blisters

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Sandals are the best choice of footwear for summer, clearly. But even they have their pitfalls. If you’re always finding yourself coming away with blisters on the backs of your ankles because you’re always having fabric rubbing against your feet, we have the answer. This pair of insanely comfortable shoes takes a much different approach so you won’t ever have to deal with ankle blisters or irritated skin again.

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The Needbo Yoga Mat Flip Flops for just $30 are the shoe equivalent of a yoga mat. They’re made with a breathable rubber and fabric sling strap meant to provide your feet with a super comfortable walking experience, no matter how long you’re on them. Take it from Us, these shoes are ridiculously comfortable, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing on your feet, meanwhile you’re giving your weary feet the support they need.

Get the Needbo Yoga Mat Flip Flops for just $30 at Walmart!

Because of the super soft sling strap that goes behind your heel, you never have to worry about these shoes giving you a blister, either. They’re so super soft yet grippy and supportive that you’ll want to keep them on even when you go inside.

Get the Needbo Yoga Mat Flip Flops for just $30 at Walmart!

If you’re ready to solve the perpetual blister on ankle conundrum, save the regular flip flops or supposed “walking” sandals and try a pair of these bad boys instead. You’ll notice an immediate difference, and it’s high time you splurged on something great for yourself. With that in mind, buy a couple of pairs!

Get the Needbo Yoga Mat Flip Flops for just $30 at Walmart!

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