The Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt Is the Fall Layering Hero You Deserve

Zip-off pants and jackets that turn into vests are a cute idea in theory, but in practice, they tend to be more hassle than headache-saver. They usually look a bit goofy, too. Sure, your hybridized 3-in-1 rain slicker will keep you conquer fluctuating forecasts with a flick of the wrist, but at the expense of looking like a Times Square Megatron. (Want a picture? That’ll be five bucks!)

The better and more sane option seems simple: Just buy a layer that’s light enough for certain situations and heavy enough for others. But it’s a tough order to fill, especially right now, when Mother Nature’s mood swings are off the charts. Enter the Taylor Stitch Yosemite shirt.

The Yosemite shirt is a lot like Superman disguised as Clark Kent: with the doff of his eyeglasses, the regular guy sheds his worker bee alter ego and becomes a hero capable of pulling off impossible feats. (Spoiler alert: Clark Kent and Superman are the same dude.) But the context in which you encounter him determines whether he’ll be wearing a suit and tie or spandex and a cape. The power of the Taylor Stitch Yosemite shirt derives from the same shtick—it’s perfectly capable of playing the role of a regular ol’ flannel shirt, but it’s also imbued with the rare ability to perform super-garment feats as a light fall jacket.

Worn solo, the 7-ounce all-cotton brushed flannel is the ideal weight for thwarting the dastardly plans of transitional weather; the cut is short enough to leave untucked and open with your favorite (Superman) graphic tee. But once the weather dips low enough, plop a thermal shirt on beneath or a fuzzy cardigan on top and you’ve got the only layer you need to combat the evil forces conspiring to complicate your outfits. The Yosemite shirt’s only kryptonite? It doesn’t come in more colors.

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