The Second Stüssy x Levi's Collab Is Finally Here

After teaming up earlier this year to celebrate the 150th birthday of the 501 (many happy returns!), Stüssy and Levi’s are back in the lab for round two. Paying homage to the brands’ shared home state of California, the collection brings the streetwear imprint’s signature to some of the workwear brand’s most popular staples. If that sounds like the happiest and most cohesive marriage in the business of collaboration, that’s probably because it is.

Stüssy x Levi’s Trucker Jacket ‘Black’


The second Stüssy x Levi’s collab features a total of six pieces, including three trucker jackets and three pairs of jeans. Unlike their first line from February (which stuck to a more traditional blue denim aesthetic), this one is a little wilder, with each item of clothing being dyed in ‘Black,’ ‘Pink,’ and ‘Brown’ colorways. This results in a unique, washed feel, and it means that no two pieces are exactly the same.

The duo has also gone one step further by covering the pieces with the Shawn Stussy-helmed label’s “Cool S” logo (y’know, the one that you used to sketch on all of your textbooks, for whatever reason). The buttons have also been replaced with silver ones, which are now all decorated with intricate co-branding. You probably won’t notice any of these little details, but it’s proof that this isn’t just another no-brainer run-of-the-mill collaboration.

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