Tell us: What's the most extraordinary West Coast experience?

Our guide to the 101 best West Coast experiences brings you essential things to do in Baja, California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. We think it has something for every type of explorer, from the awe-seeking (a hike around the rim of a sleeping volcano at Crater Lake) to the nostalgic (burgers alongside classic cars at the oldest Bob’s Big Boy) to the unabashedly extravagant (a stay at San Diego’s maximalist LaFayette Hotel).

Of course, you may have your own favorite adventure that didn’t make the list. We’d love to hear about it. In the form below, tell us what you believe is the most extraordinary experience or destination on the West Coast and why it resonates with you. It can be as simple as a single bench with a view or as vast as a life-changing road trip. We may feature your response in a future story.

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