Rita Ora Wore the Tennis Shoes I’ve Been Wearing Non-Stop

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A good pair of tennis shoes can be worn with a few items of clothing in your closet, but a really great pair of tennis shoes can be worn with all kinds of clothing in your closet. One of those really great pairs of tennis shoes? The Reebok Women’s Floatzig 1 Sneaker, which famous singer and actress Rita Ora and I are both fans of.

Rita Ora wearing the Reebok Women's Floatzig 1 Sneakers

Rita Ora wearing the Reebok Women’s Floatzig 1 Sneakers.

Between Ora and I, you have proof that these tennis shoes can be worn with everything from workout attire to a cute coffee run outfit. Ora was just spotted out in New York City wearing the tennis shoes in a Matrix-style ensemble that consisted of a sleek black leather trench coat, a matching edgy leather shoulder bag with silver details, oval sunglasses, a bralette top and leggings. I’ve worn these tennis shoes for the past month with my workout attire consisting of leggings and a long-sleeve top for my daily outdoor run or walk.

Get the Reebok Women’s Floatzig 1 Sneaker for just $130 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 17, 2024, but are subject to change.

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Ora and I, however, aren’t the only proof of this tennis shoe’s outfit versatility. They’ve also been spotted on Jessica Biel, Kelsea Ballerini and Emily Ratajowski. Biel posted on Instagram a picture of herself wearing them with a matching gray oversized blazer and pant set, a baseball cap and a crossbody bag — proving that they can be dressed up. Ballerini clearly had the same idea I did when she was spotted wearing them for a workout, and Ratajowski paired them with a cozy shearling coat while taking her dog for a walk.

I can only speak for myself when I say I love these shoes for their comfort and style, but I have to assume the above celebrities feel the same way. What gives them their style is their signature zigzag design, platform sole and eye-catching color combinations. What makes them insanely comfortable is their lightweight feel, shock-absorption technology and outsole that disperses energy for enhanced cushioning every time you take a step.

You can find the tennis shoes on Amazon, whether you prefer Ora’s minimal color of choice, white, or Biel’s maximalist color combination of choice, lime green, pink and black. You can rest assured knowing that the shoes will go beyond just workout wear and into your everyday style — thanks to all of the outfit inspiration from our favorite celebrities. They come in at $130, which is a little more on the expensive end, but seeing the use and comfort you can get out of them, they’re more than worth it.

See it: Get the Reebok Women’s Floatzig 1 Sneaker for just $130 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, May 17, 2024, but are subject to change.

Not quite what you’re looking for? See more from Reebok here, and don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Daily Deals for more great finds! 

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