Pleated Tennis Skorts Are In, and Walmart’s Getting In on the Trend for Less

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There’s no doubt you’ve seen micro tennis skirts abound lately. Taylor Swift has worn them in particular, so if you follow everything she’s up to, you might remember her showing one off while playing pickleball. We found a great alternative that’s cheaper already, but other retailers are getting in on the fun, so might as well get as many as you can, because these skirts are absolutely adorable and you can always use more than one.

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The Love & Sports Pleated Tennis Skort is just $24 at Walmart, and it comes in both black and white, so there’s a couple of options that will probably go with most of your wardrobe. It’s the same pleated silhouette you’ve seen on Tay and countless other sports stars (and as part of casual celeb outfits), but it goes further and adds a pair of shorts. Yes, you get extra coverage with this skirt, and you don’t have to worry about it showing too much when you don’t want any skin on display.

Get the Love & Sports Pleated Tennis Skort for just $24 at Walmart!

It’s a nice, comfortable length too, and it should work for just about anyone. Dress it down for an actual tennis match and head out to play some sports. Or try it with a T-shirt or tank top for a good, casual outfit.  You could even feasibly wear a nice blouse to give it another kind of style. It’s up to you – but you definitely don’t want to miss out on grabbing it for just $24.

Get the Love & Sports Pleated Tennis Skort for just $24 at Walmart!

We’re heading into the dead of summer. Grab a tennis skort for yourself and see how cute you look and feel in it. Our guess is that you’ll look and feel your prettiest!

Get the Love & Sports Pleated Tennis Skort for just $24 at Walmart!

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