Patrick Starrr on New Wicked Collab and Why He's Over a Certain Beauty Trend

Patrick Starr Talks New Wicked Collab Summer Glam Tips and Why He s Over a Certain Beauty Trend 096

Patrick Starr.
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Patrick Starrr couldn’t be more excited about his “super special” Wicked-themed makeup collection.

“I am so inspired by the story,” Starrr, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly, opening up about his One/Size’s collab with Wicked, which launched on Tuesday, April 2. As he designed the Unlimited Eye & Face Palette, Starrr pulled Glinda and Elphaba’s signature colors, including shades of green, pink and blue.

“It’s literally the shades that they actually have been using for 20 years on the Broadway stage,” Starrr said, gushing that Wicked’s makeup artist, Christa Kaimimoku-Wong, uses the cheek colors on the actors “every night, eight times a week.”

His favorite part of the collection is the broomstick complexion brush and Popular Glitter Setting Spray, which is already sold out.

Starrr noted that the product uses the same formula as his One/Size On ‘Till Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray, which kept Beyoncé’s makeup in place during her rainy Renaissance Tour show in Washington, D.C. in August 2023. “I saw a quote. Fear is temporary. Regret is forever. Do not regret not getting this spray. Do not be in fear if the glitter is too much, it is temporary, my child,” he told Us.

Starrr — who has worked his magic on the faces of Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and Tyra Banks — added that the glitter spray is a perfect addition to a summer makeup routine. “If you want to get that attention, this will get you popular,” he told Us.

Patrick Starr Talks New Wicked Collab Summer Glam Tips and Why He s Over a Certain Beauty Trend 097
ONE/SIZE x Wicked

Elsewhere in the interview, Starrr told Us he personally related to Wicked when he saw it 17 years ago in high school. The musical follows Glinda and Elphaba as they form an unlikely bond. “It was a very relevant story to me at the time where I felt bullied … I didn’t feel seen,” he candidly said, relating to Elphaba, who was also bullied for having green skin.

“I decided after seeing that musical [my] senior year [high school] to fly free. That’s when I actually started makeup.”

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Despite his parents and friends questioning if a makeup career was right for him, Starrr persevered and became known as the esteemed makeup artist he is today. “I look at how far I’ve come 17 years later … Now I have a globally known brand and celebrities like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande are wearing [it].”

It’s no secret that Starrr’s beauty mantra is more is more — and he wants fellow beauty lovers to also embrace the idea. “If you’re wearing makeup, just say it. “I think we have to be realistic with the beauty standards and what it means to be transformative,” he said.

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