On the Road With DJ Khaled, Who Has Very Specific White T-Shirt Preferences

You get your laundry done every day when you’re in a hotel?

So, we’re blessed to have that done every day when we’re at home. When I’m on the road, I ain’t gonna lie, I spend ridiculous amounts of money to wash my clothes. You know how you can call the front desk to wash your clothes? They charge you like…a lot. But I gotta do it! I wear the new one if I’m going out and I gotta do what I gotta do. But, I look more forward to getting home and putting on the one that’s been washed for seven years.

Washing the white T’s, I don’t think you understand. When it’s really soft, and it’s been through years of washing? That’s the most comfortable thing in the world. It also makes me feel skinnier, I don’t know why.

Do you bring recording equipment on the road?

My engineer travels with me, but I also got a portable studio. We record in hotel rooms, villas, wherever we gotta do it! Personally, before I get with an artist I like to lay down ideas. Whether that’s me talking the Khaled talk, or just mumbling melodies that I want someone to play.

I’ll be in a vibe—and especially when it comes to travel, I’ll catch different vibes. When that happens, I try to jot down ideas, but sometimes you gotta put it in its skeleton form so it becomes the beginning of a song and we can finish it later.

So it sounds like a lot of your big hits have been recorded in hotel rooms and tour buses?

Oh yeah, for sure. We’re working on my 14th album! When I think about the other albums, I’ve recorded everywhere. Outside, hotel rooms, back stage, hallways, in a car. You gotta be ready to capture that magic! Sometimes, you just gotta get it done! Everybody’s busy, but when great energy comes around, people like that.

What are your favorite vacation spots?

I’ve got a few. I’m gonna have to name them all. Rihados [his nickname for Barbados]. Jamaica. Bahamas. Turks and Caicos. Saudi Arabia. I like Paris, too. I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve had some good times in Paris. Another favorite would be the ones that I haven’t touched yet. I’m looking forward to it. I might hit Antarctica, you never know!

What’s top of the list for places you haven’t been but want to go?

I’m on my way. We’re going to be really island hopping. Stay tuned, be patient. You’re going to see me on an island near you! I’m just getting the album done first.

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