Nina Dobrev's Favorite Cleanser Unclogs Zit-Prone Skin for a Flawless Complexion

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We appreciate how open Nina Dobrev is about her skincare struggles; it reminds Us that she is, indeed, just like Us! In a Q&A session, the Vampire Diaries star says she “gets pimples just like every other Joe Schmoe”, so she recommends washing off your makeup at night. If you struggle with pimples and zits, especially during the summer, Nina’s right: Cleansing at night is an absolute must!

To get rid of pesky pimples and keep her skin as clear as possible, one of Nina’s go-to products is this enzyme cleanser. The formula is a two-in-one exfoliant and cleansing foam that, according to Nina, “really gets into the pores and gets rid of that dead skin” that causes zits to develop.

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The formula contains vitamin C, subtilisin, lipase and cellulose peeling particles, making it suitable for oily and combination skin — oh, and sensitive skin, too! Enzymes work together to gently remove the dead skin, makeup and dirt from your pores, making them appear smaller. It doesn’t leave your skin dry either, but rather revitalized, glowy and smooth.

The oil-stripping enzymes also reduce dullness and even skin tone while ascorbic acid firms and hydrates; at this point, we’re wondering what this cleanser doesn’t do! Without all the excess oil, the skin can better absorb all the serums and moisturizers that follow your cleansing routine, making this formula the ideal first step in an evening skincare routine.

Plus, incorporating the cleanser into your routine is a walk in the park! It comes as a fine-grained powder that transforms into a cleansing foam when mixed with water. Simply place some powder in your palm, add warm water and massage into your face in gentle circular motions. It’ll be foamy at this point, gliding easily over your skin.

After rinsing, apply your favorite serums and moisturizer. That’s it! Do this two to three times per week and watch the magic happen. One reviewer says they “can’t imagine skincare” without it while another says they “wouldn’t dream of putting anything else” on their face. “The very best! Silky smooth, glowing and flawless-looking skin is what I have. Love!”

The price is steep, but given the reviews (and Nina Dobrev’s recommendation, of course), we’d say it’s worth it.

Get the Dr. Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser for $80 at Nordstrom!


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