New Arrivals: 16 Do-It-All Overshirts, Texture-Heavy Jackets, and Jubilant Trousers to Get Excited About This Week

Welcome to New Arrivals, our ongoing tally of the freshest, flyest, can’t-miss menswear hitting the digital shelves right this very instant.

The New Arrivals Hit List

Double-Duty Overshirts

Autumn is a time of exciting transitions, but the waffling weather makes dressing a guessing game. So this time around, instead of schlepping a whole-ass extra layer in your bag wherever you go, reach for an overshirt. Unlike more pedestrian garments, they can play double-duty as a shirt and jacket. Think of them like the legendary Deion Sanders—a pro in not one but two major-league sports.


Flap pocket faux-leather shirt

Karu Research

Tie-dyed padded silk overshirt

Fall-Ready Tailoring

Tailoring is enjoying a moment again, and the latest crop of fall styles is packed with blazers designed for anywhere but the office. (Think sumptuous corduroys, toasty flannels, and cozy tweeds, and you get a solid idea of the textures we’re talking about here.) Alex Mill’s namesake suit jacket, rendered in a delicious deep-chocolate cord, is begging to be worn with blue jeans and a shaggy sweater, like you’re a dreamy New England architect who definitely has a cute dog.

Todd Snyder

Knit double-breasted herringbone Sutton jacket

Comme Des Garçons Shirt

Patchwork cotton-corduroy blazer

Drawing Drip

Menswear’s infatuation with DIY-inflected doodles and hand-finished flourishes might’ve reached its highest form in Emily Bode’s artful reclamation of midcentury vintage, but the trend still has plenty to offer. Brands across the spectrum, from indie designers to established labels, are offering their own spin on Bode’s deeply personal collages, deploying the same vibe in freaky and fun new ways.


Topsail Senior Cord jacket

Fullcount x Small Talk Studio

Custom hand-drawn 1101EC-BIG straight fit jeans

Shadow Play

Chalk it up to the waning sunlight or the mercurial weather, but shadows (and gradients, their not-so-distant relatives) are showing up interpreted via all kinds of prints and patterns. From the classic shadow plaid Noah incorporates in its handsome 5-panel hat to the spray-paint effect on Acne Studios’ slip-on boots, fall menswear looks broodier than an Alan Moore strip—and we’re ready to embrace the dark side.

Acne Studios

Sprayed leather low boots


Straight-leg drawstring trousers

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Brooding Button-Ups

A crisp white button-up is forever classic, but right now, its black counterpart feels a shade cooler. If you don’t want to take our word for it, take it from Anthony Vacarrello, whose sultry reinterpretations of Saint Laurent’s house codes are best expressed via the maison’s gossamer-like shirting. This one’s cut boxy with a point collar and decorated with a leopard jacquard print, all the better to sync up with the designer’s ultra-gam tailoring and vertiginous boots. If pure silk is too precious for your tastes, don’t sweat it: Winnie New York, the brainchild of upstart suiting expert Idris Balogun, sells a riff on Dickies’ quintessential work shirt crafted from sturdy cotton twill.


“Spacey” jacquard cotton-blend knit shirt

Winnie New York

Patch-pocket cotton-twill shirt

Not-So-Burly Rugby Shirts

The rugby shirt has been around in one form or another since the 1800s, when thick-necked Britons popularized the style chasing around a wee leather ball on the pitch. (Okay, you got us: we’ve never watched a game of rugby before.) The point is, the beefy cotton polo—defined by its contrast collar and broad stripes—was designed to take a beating, and it’s lingered in the menswear consciousness for that exact reason. The rugbys we’ve gravitated towards recently, though, are a tad more refined. Noah’s skews pretty close to the source material, but ditches the eye-grabbing chest stripes in favor of a muted fall palette; Studio Nicholson’s keeps the contrast collar, but renders the rest of the body in a premium cotton-wool blend. The result, however, is the same: a ridiculously versatile pullover you’ll wear from now until the heat ratchets up to a sizzle again.

Studio Nicholson

Field merino wool-blend rugby shirt

Toasted Suedes

Fall’s distinct colors and textures aren’t limited to foliage. Flannel and corduroy come to mind, certainly—but the material we’re excited about most as summer gives ways to autumn is suede in a particular shade of brown chefs would call GBD (golden brown delicious). From Sunflower’s boxy cropped jacket to Givenchy’s delectable Timberland-inspired work boots, the perfectly toasted hue is all over the place. And if you’re worried about ruining your new suede jacket with wear…don’t. Suede looks even better with some patina, which is greats news considering it’s all you’ll want to wear.


Roughout suede “Alston” jacket

Strappy Shoes

We refuse to waste our time with shoelaces anymore. Instead, we’re moving toward strappy kicks of all stripes, be it Boomer-approved loafers from Noah or the futuristic stylings of Kiko Kostadinov’s Tonkin sneakers. The strap adds just enough dimension to your shoes and often include a bonus hit of hardware, like a little piece of jewelry or a cool belt for your feet. Practical? Sometimes. Ornamental? Always. Let’s face it—these days, most folks aren’t bothering to untie and retie their shoelaces anyway.

Celine Homme

“Isaac” buckled leather boots

Double-Knees Worth a Double-Take

Demand for double-knee jeans might’ve cooled a touch since ravenous vintage lovers first began trawling the web for dusty Carhartts, but the residual heat proves that the nigh-indestructible silhouette isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s ditching its humble construction-adjacent origins for a newfound fashion pedigree. These days, any small-batch designer you care to name offers an artisanal riff on the workwear staple, done up every which way but the traditional one. Strut your stuff past the closest “Men At Work” sign and watch the hard hats swivel.

Winnie New York Topstitched straight-leg jeans

Cherry LA straight-leg distressed jeans

Heron Preston distressed carpenter pants

Andersson Bell coated jeans

Mind-Bending Accessories

Half a century after her death, surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli’s legacy lives on thanks to guys like Jonathan Anderson and the Japanese humorists at Doublet. Frog clutches, pastry-inspired pochettes, whale hats—it’s all a bit silly. And that’s the point! The world can feel like a pretty bleak place; a weirdo accessory won’t really solve any of your problems (on the contrary, in fact), but at least it can make you laugh.

Lemaire Croissant small leather shoulder bag

JW Anderson Frog resin clutch

Throwback Sling Packs

Chalk it up to our ongoing infatuation with the ‘90s, but sling bags—the asymmetrical zippered packs that are part backpack, part messenger bag—have shouldered they way into the zeitgeist again. Their utilitarian leanings call to mind Euro House style (parachute pants very much sold separately), and they feel both retro and futuristic. Stash your sketch book, your headphones, and your, ahem, paraphernalia in one of these and you’re ready for a hard day of loitering—and a long night of raving.

C.P. Company Lens single strap backpack

Acne Studios sling backpack

GOOPiMADE x master-piece Gmark-03 Game Shield Saco bag

Conversation-Starters You Can Wear

In fashion, trompe l’oeil (literally “deceive the eye”) largely refers to garments that look like one thing but are actually another, and ever since bleeding-edge designers like Martin Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier started employing the technique in the ’90s, the novelty has yet to wear off. In 2023, buzzy labels like Y/Project, Our Legacy, and Undercover are finding new ways to riff on the method, in an effort to stimulate your mind, elicit wonder, or just squeeze a smile out of passersby ogling your outfit.

Y/Project compact print tank top

Alexander McQueen printed cotton-jersey T-shirt

Our Legacy Digital Denim Third Cut jeans

Undercover Spaghetti pouch

Return of the Rohmer Guy

Remember the Rohmer guy, that insouciantly dressed fella who takes inspiration, consciously or not, from the perennially-OOO characters in the French director’s sun-dappled films? If you’ve been thinking about him again lately, great news: the hallmarks of his look—colorful shirts made from earthy fabrics, dressy trousers that hint at a life spent shuttling between picturesque European cottages—still bang, and now’s the perfect time to reacquaint yourself with the whole lot.

General Admission cotton-linen shirt

Albus Lumen pleated linen trousers

Grenson “Quincy” suede sandals

Head-Turning Headwear

Every summer, a power shift occurs that transfers all the charge from your outerwear to your accessories. You might not be able to layer up like you did in the cooler months, but you can use the sweltering weather as a fantastic excuse to invest in some wild finishing touches. The wildest of them all right now are in the hat department, where designers are moonlighting as sculpture artists, taking the most extravagant ideas from their brains and plopping them directly onto their heads—and, soon enough, yours.

Namacheko natural raffia “Baran” bucket hat

Aimé Leon Dore 38-GS Offshore reversible nylon bucket hat

Acne Studios “Cunov” crystal-embellished denim baseball cap

Your Tie Deserves a Tiny Graphic, as a Treat

If you’re wearing a tie in the year of our lord 2023, salute: we see you, and we appreciate you. But we also think you’re going to appreciate these suckers, outfitted with teeny-tiny logos that hint at designer pedigrees without bopping you over the head with a splashy print. The freshest of the bunch might be the silk number Kim Jones cooked up in collaboration with Denim Tears mastermind (and Supreme creative director) Tremaine Emory, but don’t sleep on Yohji Yamamoto’s darkly poetic riff, either.

Yohji Yamamoto flower tie

Pumped-Up Kicks

Chalk it up to a collective yearning for a few added inches or nostalgia for the high-energy style of the early-2000s, but inflated footwear is clomping off the shelves at a record clip. From an elephantine take on the Vans Old Skool to padded slides from fashion’s favorite ghoul, Rick Owens, pumped-up kicks are the fastest way to make a big statement this season.

Rick Owens Granola padded leather slides

Jil Sander padded sandals

Big, Billowy Shorts

For as long as we can remember, consensus among menswear enthusiasts dictated that shorts should hit roughly mid-thigh, courtesy of a tastefully scant five-inch inseam. In 2023, though, all bets are off: today’s shorts du jour are, well, any length, really. But the shorts we’re feeling most right now are big, baggy, and long, an obvious byproduct of our collective nostalgia for Y2K-era style. Freaky avant-gardists like Rick Owens are leading the charge, but Commas’ gently-tailored half-pants are proof that giant shorts deserve a spot on your vacation moodboard, whether you’re clubbing in Berlin or lounging in Bilbao.

Commas belted linen-blend shorts

Zeus + Dione pleated linen shorts

Rick Owens wide-leg cotton-blend poplin drawstring shorts

Acne Studios canvas cotton shorts

Silver Surfin’

Huge news, science geeks: menswear’s metallurgical moment is here. What started out as an epic glow-up for the sneakers your dad used to run in has exploded into full-blown T-1000 territory. Our Legacy sells foil-wrapped jeans (jeans!), Onitsuka Tiger sells silver-wrapped Mexico 66s, and just this month, Wales Bonner collaborated with Adidas on crinkly metallic shorts—and a matching pair of Sambas, to boot. Dust off your poster of the periodic table while you still can.

Kapital linen glitter Phillies stripe Rude Baggy pants

Adidas x Wales Bonner shorts

Our Legacy Third Cut jeans

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 shoes

Blaze Up

Wear a blazer at any point between June and September, and you’re probably going to sweat. (Extra layers + blistering sun = maximum shvitz. It’s math, really!) The key then, is to choose your blazer carefully—stick to breezy fabrics, ditch the stuffy underpinnings, and keep the silhouette relaxed and a little slouchy. The next time occasion dictates you wear a capital-J Jacket, reach for one like Todd Snyder’s, a vision of creamy linen done up in a gloriously ‘80s double-breasted silhouette—or better yet, make like the steezy Venetians at Barena, whose gauzy plaid joint feels lighter than most summer button-ups.

Todd Snyder “Wythe” double-breasted linen sport coat

J.Crew “Kenmare” plaid linen blazer

Umit Benan+ double-breasted linen-wool blazer

Barena “Borgo Labo” checked linen blazer

Put a Ring On It

It’s summer, and you want to look sexy? Heard, chef. Ringer tees are enjoying a moment right now for a few reasons, but none more compelling than their bicep-hugging fit. Blackstock & Weber’s version—made in conjunction with the Japanese repro savants at Velva Sheen—will look killer with pleated khakis, but if you’re chasing a sleazier vibe, wear Second/Layer’s exactly as styled: with angular black frames, faded jeans, and a mop of yesterday’s bedhead. Then skip the gym, order another spritz, and get on with your weekend—your tee will handle the rest.

Todd Snyder x Champion ringer tee

Second/Layer core ringer tee

Blackstock & Weber x Velva Sheen ’80s ringer tee

Beams Plus ringer T-shirt

The Camp Shirt Sobers Up

For longer than we care to remember, the camp shirt has been on a delirious bender. (Did we help enable its hard-partying ways? A little.) Every summer, the wild-style button-up would roll through to park hangs, rooftop chills, and weekend BBQs riding high on its own exuberant prints, colors, and patterns—and for a minute there, we were worried. But, we’re relieved to report, the rumors of the camp shirt’s decline have been greatly exaggerated. It isn’t strung out in Ibiza, recovering from the Molly shakes. Instead, it took the winter to sober up, get its shit together, and re-emerge sleeker, svelter, and a little more subdued. In other words: It’s finally growing up.

Banana Republic, no stranger to second chances, recognizes a kindred spirit when it sees one, and the ‘70s sleaze specialists at LA’s Second/Layer prove that sobriety doesn’t have to be a buzzkill—when you’re the unequivocal shirt of the summer, it can be downright sexy.

Banana Republic “Bryson” linen camp shirt

Universal Works cotton-linen camp shirt

Second/Layer open collar camp shirt

Take Your Sandals Fishing

We’re calling it now: It’s going to be a huge summer for the fisherman sandal. The geezer-adjacent slip-on has always been cool—your grandpa probably wore a pair on his honeymoon—but its vibe feels just right for this particular moment: dressy enough to class up a vintage tee and jorts, casual enough to make that breezy linen suit feel beach wedding-ready. The venerable British cobblers at Church’s make a version that looks like a close relative of your cap-toes, but you don’t have to drop generational guap to get your feet into a pair: Camper sells a pleasantly brolic riff for less than 200 bucks.

Grenson “Quincy” woven-leather fisherman sandals

The Row fisherman sandals

Church’s “Nevada” fisherman sandals

Camper “Brutus” fisherman sandals

Get Effusive With the Embroidery

For a while there, you couldn’t swing a canvas tote without hitting a fella in a graphic tee or logo-emblazoned hoodie. But, on the precipice of what GQ’s been calling a “return to elegance”, menswear nerds are scoring their visual fix elsewhere—through embroidery. Brands like Karu Research, Wales Bonner, and Bode are hard at work emphasizing the technique’s artisanal bent, and embroidery—along with beading and crochet—feels primed to become the aesthetic flourish of the moment. As the conversation around AI continues to freak us all out, a deliberate sign of the human touch is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Karu Research camp-collar bead-embellished cotton-voile shirt

Wales Bonner x Adidas logo-embroidered cotton-blend polo shirt

Todd Snyder 5″ border embroidered Weekend short

Bode signature-embroidered cotton-blend trousers

Secure a Bag That Makes a Real Statement

As we head into the dog days of summer, putting together a cute lil’ outfit gets increasingly difficult. (There are only so many layers you can wear without passing out.) So we’ll clue you in on a secret: the trick to pulling off a truly humungous look comes down to the accessories—and an eye-catching bag might do the job even better than a winter coat. We’ve got no beef with swanky leather duffels, but these days, we’re digging bags heavier on the texture. Not only do they add a ton of character, they don’t rely on a corny text or a flashy screenprint to convey their message.

SC103’s Link bags have been a Cool Girl™ carry-all for a while, and this being the year of our lord 2023, there’s no reason you can’t get in on the action, too. Harago’s bamboo woven tote is perfect for picnics and beach days—or just upgrading your daily driver from that gift-with-purchase tote you’ve been hauling around for way too long.

Harago Naga bamboo woven tote bag

Gucci Interlocking G tote bag

Florals You Could Frame

Florals for spring? Not exactly groundbreaking. But when the mercury climbs above a balmy 60-ish degrees, it doesn’t really matter—florals just look right. Which helps explain why menswear’s brightest stars return to the print this time every year, and when you don’t have an imperious fashion editor shooting daggers at you across the table, it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy them. (Fashion editors we may be, but the vibes in our meetings are decidedly more kind-minded, baby!) The Toronto-based swimwear junkies at Bather splash a whole damn bouquet across the front of their trunks, but for a less literal riff on the motif look to Brooklyn’s Connor McKnight: his hand-painted work jacket, made in partnership with Gucci, employs its florals sparingly, lending it all the intrigue of a Braque still life.

Gucci Vault x Connor McKnight floral cotton jacket

Bode checker bloom silk shirt

Karu Research embroidered trousers

Dressy Shorts

In the GQ Recommends universe, the week following Memorial Day means one thing: Short Week Shorts Week, our appropriately abridged ode to the summeriest and calf-baringest of bottoms. Eager to spice up your rotation? As per usual, the Japanese fabric masters at Comme des Garçons have the right idea: their poly-wool dress shorts are cut with so much extra breathing room they could birth a pair of slim-fit chinos. You don’t have to spend big money to shimmy your gams into a pair, though—COS’ sharply-pleated joints come with the same dialed-in fit as their designer counterparts, but cost about as much as a subscription to HBO Max.

Comme des Garçons Shirt pleated shorts

Sacai chalk stripe belted shorts

COS pleated wide-leg shorts

Insatiable High pleated shorts

Shades That Keep a Low Profile

There’s something downright sexy about a pair of svelte sunglasses that feels extremely fresh right now. They have the power to turn you into an obliviously stylish dad/baseball player, a club-roving techno lover, or even a bleeding edge art dealer. Sure, most acetate sunglasses possess the same superpowers, but few employ them with this much flair.

Oakley Whisker sunglasses

Acne Studios Abello sunglasses

Matsuda rimless square sunglasses

Garrett Leight “Goldie” aviator sunglasses

Shirts Are Jackets Now

Layering becomes a lot trickier once the temperatures start to rise. Add to that the unpredictable/unreliable weather and you could catch yourself in a climate that’s above your lone A-shirt’s pay grade. Allow us, then to reframe your perspective: in the summer, shirts are actually just very light jackets. We’re not talking about overshirts, necessarily. Definitely not—gulp—shackets. We mean regular-ass button-up shirts. The trick is to opt for one that’s roomy enough to allow for some airflow, even another layer beneath. Toss one over a graphic tee or even a polo to add some oomph—and a little billowy drape—to your outfits.

Commission Board stripe shirt

Raey oversized cotton shirt

Introducing Arnold Palmer, Style God

In case you missed the Masters this year, we’re thrilled to report that golf style—once an oxymoron, or worse yet, a punchline—is all kinds of cool now. You can chalk up the sport’s new swagger to a few factors, but it has a lot to do with old-school links legends like Arnold Palmer, who’s righteous personal style looks totally fresh in the context of menswear’s dirtbag Ivy kick. A tipped cardigan and knit polo are vintage Arnie at his best, but unless you’re actually en route to the greens, you can ditch the two-tone spectators for classic kiltie loafers. Don’t forget to yell “fore!” when you peep your reflection in the mirror.

Gucci knitted wool cardigan

Abercrombie & Fitch striped “Johnny” collar sweater polo

G.H. Bass & Co. Weejuns “Layton” kiltie moc loafers

All Linen Everything

Around this time every year, people start to go a little bit linen crazy. Which makes perfect sense: the breezy fabric naturally lends itself to summer’s looser silhouettes, and its nubby texture is a great way to pump up the visual interest when there’s less layers to go around. Pulling off head-to-toe linen, though, is kind of tricky—wear too much off the stuff and you’ll wind up looking like a retired yogi. Thankfully, the next-gen suiting experts at Stòffa have figured out a workaround: treat the material like a secondary feature, and let the craftsmanship do the heavy lifting. You know who else got the memo? Nicholas Daley, the white-hot British wunderkind behind the raddest linen trousers we’ve seen in a minute.

Stòffa double-breasted shirt jacket

Todd Snyder linen jersey T-shirt

Nicholas Daley striped trousers

Marni x No Vacancy Inn striped woven mules

Working Hard or Hardly Working

If Workwear 1.0 was the sack suit you bought at Brooks Brothers, and Workwear 2.0 was the Carhartt hoodie you bought at Dave’s, Workwear 3.0 sits somewhere between—sturdy, all-American clothes that feel authentic to the source material but won’t invite accusations of stolen valor. Vancouver’s (!) James Coward might offer the purest expression of the genre—the label crafts its impossibly elegant wares from materials like Japanese moleskin and good ol’ cotton twill—but NYC’s Royce Hill and LA’s Carson Wach make a strong case to keep the crown stateside.

James Coward “Kurosawa” hat

Randy’s Garments canvas service jacket

Carson Wach S1 work shirt

Royce Hill dobby work pants

Jog Like Justin

Earlier this month, pictures of Justin Bieber jogging around LA went mildly viral, largely thanks to the pop star’s confounding choice of pants: big, baggy jeans you’d otherwise see at a Warped Tour stop in the ‘90s. It’s a great outfit—and one you should absolutely jack this spring. If you’re wary of going full Bieber, treat his get-up less like instruction and more like inspiration: start with a sun-drenched fleece vest from the Japanese repro masters at Visvim and finish with Asics’ Gel-NYC shoes, the sportswear juggernaut’s latest bulwark in the ongoing retro sneaker wars. You could probably clock a few brisk miles in the whole get-up without inspiring too many chuckles, but when you look this fresh doesn’t everyone deserve the chance to ogle you in slow-mo?

Visvim “Mondo” fleece sweashirt vest

Bianca Saunders Y-neck cotton-blend tank top

Fucking Awesome “Hammerlee” jeans

Indulge Your Green Thumb

If you’ve clocked a whole bunch of fellas gearing up like they’re ready to water a patch of gardenias, you’re not the only one. The gnarliest avatar in the menswear universe right now is your local gardening enthusiast, the guy who spends his downtime volunteering at the neighborhood compost. William Ellery’s verdant cotton hat takes the source material pretty literally, but you don’t need a natural green thumb to lean into the vibe: Bottega Veneta’s hulking rubber clogs will look plenty killer with or without the mulch stains.

William Ellery lichen hat

The North Face M66 camo-print utility jacket

Nike ACG Smith Summit convertible shell cargo trousers

Bottega Veneta “Flash” clogs

Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues, the 1999 coming-of-age movie centered around a small-town high school football team, isn’t exactly high art—but dressing like a ‘90 jock who’s in on the joke feels inexplicably au courant. Guess USA’s battered leather jacket skews more bomber than letterman, but the chenille patches at the sleeves and the sporty ribbed trims get the point across just fine. Add a pair of trefoil-drenched sneakers from Gucci’s monumental tie-up with the Three Stripes, and the gridiron—or, y’know, the Instagram grid—never stood a chance.

New Era x Fear of God Essentials fitted hat

Guess USA appliquéd distressed leather varsity jacket

Our Legacy formal cut jeans

Adidas x Gucci “Gazelle” sneaker

Riviera Dreaming

So the sunny days of your dreams are still a little bit away—big whoop. A prolonged bout of gloomy weather shouldn’t stop you from dressing for the forecast you deserve. Throw on a full-placket polo in a groovy geometric print, slip into a pair of nubby linen-blend trousers with a crisp center pleat, and manifest spring’s actual arrival through the sheer enormity of your fits.

De Petrillo linen bomber jacket

Far Afield “Zigger” polo cardigan

Potter cotton-linen pleated trousers

Armando Cabral “Manjak” leather sandals

Go West—Like, Really West

Menswear is on a serious western kick these days, and the rootin’, tootin’ wave shows no sign of ebbing. Until now, we’ve largely recommended sticking to one ranch-ready piece at a time, but, frankly, we’re happy to eat our words. If you’re itching to really go for it…really go for it. Wythe’s easy, breezy tencel shirts are a great place to start; Ernest W. Baker’s buffed calfskin zip-up boots are an even better place to stop.

Wythe New York tencel pearl snap shirt

Gucci horesebit detail belt

Factor’s Oxford canvas pintuck trousers

Ernest W. Baker western boots

All-In on Stealth Wealth

By now, the secret’s out on the whole “quiet luxury” hoopla. But brands like Lemaire and The Row have been riding that wave long before Lydia Tàr and the scheming siblings on Succession coaxed it into the limelight. Maestros and media scions aside, the underlying principles might as well represent the quintessential hack to effortless style: understated pieces in elevated materials rendered in classic silhouettes. If you can look past the whole stealth wealth brouhaha, what’s not to like?

Banana Republic Sirolo linen-blend suit pant

Lunetterie Générale tortoiseshell À Tout Jamais sunglasses

Or Dive Straight Into the Deep End

Swim trunks aren’t just for swimming, and they might look even cooler on dry land. The characteristically vivid prints typically found on an excellent pair of trunks are particularly well-suited to spring, but the fun shouldn’t stop there. Paired with a loud button-up, retro jacket, and some very un-serious hard-bottoms, they offer a maximalist rejoinder to stealth wealth’s discreet styling—and provide a viable alternative when you feel like making some real noise.

Sasquatchfabrix jacquard track jacket

Gucci jacquard swim shorts

S.S. Daley “Giles” floral-portrait striped silk shirt

Ernest W. Baker T-bar platform monkstraps

When in Doubt, Wear Head-to-Toe Denim

Spring will always be a great time to go all-in on groovy colors and wild-style prints, but it’s also the best time to get really into denim. That might mean a stiff pair of selvedge jeans or a honky-tonk western shirt or just a gloriously faded cap—but why not all of the above? The Canadian Tuxedo is a fail-safe style hack, but true head-to-toe denim has never looked better, and it demands even less brain power to put together (unless you’re unreasonably particular about the infinite shades of blue). Call it the Midas touch of Glenn Martin’s Diesel or an ongoing fascination with cowboy style, but we’re looking at the world through indigo-soaked lenses right now, and the view is spectacular.

Manaaki Papi flared jeans

RRL Denim Buffalo Western workshirt

Adidas SPZL denim Italia sneakers

Myne distressed wavy denim bucket hat

And Don’t Forget to De-Stuff Your Suiting

Tailoring is enjoying a moment, but we’re glad to report that it’s not exactly the #menswear resurgence skeptics were bracing for. We’re talking blazers, dress pants, and derbies—all amicably divorced from each other and their usual contexts. Try pairing crisp trousers with ratty graphic tees, tuxedo jackets with jeans, or, heck, polished hard-bottoms with baggy basketball shorts. The lack of social activity during the height of the the pandemic may have spurred suiting’s grand return (at the very least, it deflected a circa-2012 tailoring repeat), but we’re not limiting our swankiest threads to formal occasions any more—and neither should you.

Celine Homme “Wesley” wide-leg distressed denim shorts

Todd Snyder Italian linen “Madison” suit Jacket

Yohji Yamamoto Discord Y Body bag

Situationist croc-embossed loafers

Muddy Waters

The coolest color you aren’t wearing enough isn’t a color at all: it’s a murky gloop of natural tones—dusty beiges, mossy greens, washed-out browns—that promise to lend your outfits a lived-in, slightly artisanal feel. The eco-minded fabric experts at Older Brother employ a litany of rarified dyeing techniques to get the exact shade of their Made-in-LA garms just right, but the raddest expression of the idea comes from Boris Bidjan Saberi, whose ongoing tie-up with Salomon yields trail-ready runners that look like they’ve already slogged through hell to make it to your front door.

11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi x Salomon Bamba 5 sneakers

Older Brother waffle ringer tee

Todd Snyder x Champion midweight full-zip hoodie

Omar Afridi crinkled bomber jacket

Nip-Baring Knits

On the red carpet and in the NBA tunnel, elite-level dressers like Timothée Chalamet and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander have been foregoing their shirts with abandon, strutting their stuff with nary a button-up to shield them from the paparazzi’s flash. If shirtlessness feels like a tall order, consider the next best swerve: a gauzy see-through knit that lets you enjoy the breeze without putting your love handles on blast. How gauzy and see-through is up to you: Corridor’s Pima cotton tank is dense enough to cover your nips; Our Legacy’s sheer sweater vest offers passersby a tantalizing peek.

Our Legacy double lock vest

Corridor pointelle-knit cotton tank top

A Kind of Guise “Haroun” crochet vest

BDG short-sleeve polo sweater

The Wild Ones

Gaudy, we’re thrilled to remind you, is good. But it feels especially great right now, with brands of all stripes doing up their house signatures—’90s-indebted overcoats, chore jacket-like cardigans—in animal prints that’d make Dorothy gasp in delight. Slip on a pair of spotted pony hair loafers from the arch Danes at Vinny’s or cram your tchotchkes into Stüssy’s cowhide print tote bag, a quilted Chanel clutch for the downtown set. Either way, your plain ol’ white tees and blue jeans will look all the more freaky for it.

Vinny’s “Yardee” pony hair loafers

Supreme croc faux fur overcoat

Séfr “Jurg” snake-print brushed cardigan

Stüssy cowhide print canvas flight bag

Return of the ‘Ton

Remember Harrington jackets, those fusty zip-ups style gods of a certain era (think McQueen in that one photo reblogged a zillion times on Tumblr) couldn’t get enough of? They’re all kinds of cool now, mostly because the brands behind them have shorter memories than you, and they’re brazen enough to disregard the silhouette’s origins entirely. J.Crew makes a ridiculously luxe version crafted from luscious Italian suede, Burberry sells a reliably British riff with plenty of extra hardware, but the real nail in the coffin of the Harrington’s clean-cut reputation might be this shaggy shearling joint from Baracuta, an OG of the genre that’s ready to let its hair down.

J.Crew Italian suede Harrington jacket

Banana Republic Harrington jacket

Baracuta G9 shearling Harrington jacket

Burberry Harrington jacket

Motocrossed Lovers

Fashion and sports have been in loyal cahoots for decades, hopping from arena to pitch to half pipe and back again. For several years now, designers have plumbed the hallmarks of fútbol style for inspiration, but if the latest round of runway shows is any hint a change of scenery is imminent: it’s time to hit the dirt tracks instead. We’re talking logo-splashed leather jackets in vibrant colors, leather pants with moto-inspired stitching and panel details, graphic jerseys with rip-roaring energy—and all of it drenched in Diesel-powered Y2K vibes.

Dries Van Noten oversized printed cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Sport leather café racer jacket

Diesel P-Fergy denim pants

Go for a Subtle Dye Job

From garment dyeing to distressing to sun-fading, a toned-down dye job is a softer, more soothing way to borrow some of tie-dye’s kaleidoscopic antics without sending your closet straight back to the ‘70s (or, uh, 2017). It’s a little bit wabi-sabi, a whole lot of artful, and makes for the kind of one-of-one appeal you’d typically find in well-loved vintage grails.

Carhartt WIP Dixon Chromo printed cotton-corduroy shirt jacket

Stüssy Wave Dye nylon short

Neighborhood damage logo-appliquéd distressed cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Supreme printed washed sweater

Crop It!

The Y2kraze shows no sign of loosening its stranglehold on Gen Z, but ‘90s fashion still commands a significant share of the market—and cropped leather jackets are leading the charge. Sunflower’s buttery-soft lambskin zip-up is a perfect distillation of the trend, which steers clear of the hardware-heavy flourishes of classic moto styles. At the same time, brands like Our Legacy and No Maintenance are side-stepping the obvious ‘90s tropes while maintaining the stripped-down silhouette. It doesn’t hurt that the length pairs equally well with low-rise jeans and high-waisted pants, as sure as indication as any that the style won’t be going away soon.

Sunflower short leather jacket

No Maintenance Type One leather jacket

Courreges vinyl jacket reedition

Drip Yourself to Shreds

Call it the Cobain effect or blame it on some misplaced appreciation for the authentically threadbare: pre-worn clothes are cropping up with a weird frequency right now. There’s Marni’s moth hole-ridden sweater vest, Doublet’s trompe l’oeil denim jacket (with pearl strings masquerading as ripped fabric), and Solitude Studios’ swampy shoulder bag. But it’s not just the high-fashion daredevils tearing their clothes to pieces—Gap’s recent collab with The Brooklyn Circus yielded a series of Ivy-inspired goods, including a classic Oxford shirt with fringed hems.

Solitude Studios seaweed messenger bag

Doublet pearl decoration denim jacket

Marni V-neck sweater vest

Gap x The Brooklyn Circus popover Oxford shirt

Add a Splash of Orange

The quickest way to make regular ol’ H20 feel like the agua on tap in a ritzy hotel lobby? Toss in a few slices of orange. The quickest way to imbue your outfits with a similar vibe? Reach for the same color. Pair Union’s svelte liner jacket with faded jeans and hiking boots, swap out your sweats for Noah’s slouchy wool trousers, or double-down on the hue with a trippy fleece crewneck from Beams Plus, Japan’s totally rad answer to J.Crew. Anchor it all with Nike’s latest spin on the Zoom Vomero 5, a sleeper-hit silhouette that looks even sicker equipped with an earthy ochre swoosh.

Canada Goose x NBA x Union “Breda” liner jacket

Noah double-pleat wool trousers

Beams Plus boa fleece crewneck sweater

Nike Zoom Vomero 5 sneakers

Break Out the Sandals

You know those strappy leather sandals you benched last spring? If the forecast in your neck of the woods looks anything like ours, it’s time to put in a call to the bullpen. Just need some slip-ons that won’t make you feel like a schlump at JFK? Fear of God’s plush suede model, designed in collaboration with the footwear maestros at Birkenstock, will keep your piggies in prime condition from TSA to tarmac. Jonesing for a pair with a little more attitude? Nab a hardware-heavy silhouette from Toga Virilis and watch the heads swivel wherever you wear them.

Jacques Solovière midi sandals

Toga Virilis “Polido” sandals

Fear of God x Birkenstock “Los Feliz” sandals

Hereu “Canya” fisherman sandals

Elevate Your Sandlercore

In 2023, Adam Sandler…style god? feels a lot more like Adam Sandler…style god! Part of the funnyman’s bizarro flair boils down to his unmeditated approach to getting dressed, but his appreciation for off-kilter layering, wowza pattern-clashing, and the hallmarks of your local rec league—swishy mesh shorts, AAU-hopeful kicks—offers plenty in the way of inspiration. Ditch the shapeless hoodie for a shaggy cardigan and the Uggs for grippy slip-on sneakers, and you’re left with the type of outfit you’ll want to wear from now until April.

Magliano brushed mohair sweater

John Elliott vintage game mesh drawstring shorts

Clean Up Your Mac

There’s a virus afflicting your mac coat, and it’s got nothing to do with malware; it’s the floppy epaulets, janky buttons, and bulky pockets designers haphazardly slapped onto the style over the years. The crop of rain slickers we’re feeling right now are just that—slick, streamlined, and ready to pull together your white tees, blue jeans, and black boots like Steph pulling up from three. If you’re not inclined to drop a month’s rent on one, don’t: plenty of GQ-favorite brands sell affordable takes on the silhouette, including Uniqlo U, the Christophe Lemaire-designed sub-label behind some of the buzziest menswear on the planet.

U oversized single breasted coat

Abercrombie lightweight mac coat

Connor McKnight pleated twill trench coat

Stay Neutral

You know how your buddy Brent is always jetting off to Joshua Tree to immerse himself in the “restorative powers of the desert”? Embracing dusty, sandy, light brown tones has the same effect on your closet—and it works even better if you wear a whole bunch of ‘em all at once. If you’re not sure where to start, take a gander at the latest version of Alex Mill’s smash-hit button-up, a perennial GQ-favorite the brand just dropped in a not-quite-mocha shade of khaki. Would it look rad with a battered denim jacket? Sure. But it’ll look even better poking out from beneath Sacai’s wild-style riff on the pointdexter-y argyle sweater.

Sacai argyle cotton-bouclé cardigan

Junya Watanabe Man x New Balance 574 sneaker

Wythe shawl collar wool coat

Freaky Textures

Big, bold colors are good. But big, bold colors paired with big, bold textures—like nubby ostrich leather or Issey Miyake’s iconic pleated nylon—are downright transcendent. Whoever said less is more probably never encountered a Lemonhead-yellow western belt or a croc-embossed bag from Luar—and they were definitely worse off for it.

Judy Turner “Atlas” checkerboard silk blend crochet hoodie

Metalwood ostritch western belt

Homme Plisse Issey Miyake red grass field trousers

Luar embossed small “Ana” bag

Dad Energy

“When in doubt, dress like your old man” is always a smart credo to orient yourself around, but it rings especially true in 2023. Start with a beefy striped rugby from the new J.Crew, and then lean all the way into the vibe with washed-out jeans courtesy of the neo-workwear savants at Knickerbocker.

J.Crew stripe rugby shirt

Rocky Mountain Featherbed for Drake’s heritage down mountain parka

Buck Mason interloop full-zip sweatshirt

Knickerbocker K101 light wash jean

Sleeveless Wonders

Sweater vests have been cool again for a hot second, but in 2023, designers are cranking ‘em out in wilder, wavier varieties than ever before. Case in point: The Elder Statesman’s groovy tie-dyed riff, which looks like what happens when a Rothko leaps out of its frame and wraps your torso in a bear hug. Don’t have two grand to spend on top-of-the-line cashmere? All good: the fine people at Banana Republic—yes, that Banana Republic—made one out of responsibly-sourced wool, doused it in a cheery shade of Nickelodeon orange, and only want $200 in return. Pull one over a crisp white tee and let your funky knit do all the talking.

The Elder Statesman embroidered tie-dye cashmere sweater ves

Andersson Bell “Elmers” jacquard vest

Banana Republic BR Archives trekking sweater vest

Spencer Badu multicolor striped vest

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