Love Island’s Connor Reveals Why the Guys Keep Wearing the Same Spider Chain

Love Islands Connor Explains Traveling Spider Chain

Connor, Kordell and Rob
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Season 6 of Love Island USA has been an emotional roller-coaster — but the drama isn’t the only thing taking center stage. Fans, including Us, have been captivated by the many (questionable) style statements, especially a particular accessory seen on the guys. 

In several different episodes, men in the villa rocked the same massive metallic chain finished with a dangling spider pendant. First it was Kordell Beckham, then it was Miguel Harichi and after came Rob Rausch. (Rob opted to wear the sparkly piece with nothing but blue overalls.) 

Ex Islander Connor Newsum exclusively told Us Weekly that while the traveling necklace belongs to Kordell, clothes and accessories in the villa are “pretty communal.”

“Any time you see that chain, it’s Kordell loaning it out,” Connor explained.  Of course, Kordell isn’t the only Islander sharing jewelry. Connor told Us that Kendall Washington also has an impressive jewelry collection.  

“We all joke that Kendall needs to go into jewelry after he gets out. He has this whole drawer that is just full of chains and stuff. Anytime I was wearing a necklace, that was from Kendall. I think during one of the eliminations, I was wearing a big gold Cuban link. I’m not a big jewelry guy, but I got to have my fun.” 

While jewelry might not be Connor’s thing, lively swim trunks certainly are. Before exiting the villa, Connor was the talk of social media thanks to his American flag speedo. 

The speedo went on to become an artifact when Connor opted to leave the item behind when he was sent home during episode 16. He hung the garment above the villa’s bedroom door, and his fellow Islanders all saluted the bottoms before telling Connor goodbye. 

“I have had those shorts for so long and all of my old friends, when I got out, hit me up and were like, ‘We saw you on TV wearing the shorts,’” Connor explained. “Obviously, I left them in the villa for everyone to enjoy, but I bought them for the 4th of July [years ago] and have worn them every 4th of July since.”

During his time on the show, Connor sparked connections with JaNa Craig and Leah Kateb. Fans watched Connor and Leah’s connection quickly fizzle (on her side) without him being fully aware that she wasn’t into him. Leah grew closer to Miguel and chose him over Connor when it was time to recouple. Her decision sent Connor packing.

New episodes of Love Island USA drop six days a week at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

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