Lily Allen Shares David Harbour’s Reaction to Her OnlyFans for Feet

Lily Allen Shares David Harbour’s Reaction to Her OnlyFans for Feet

Lily Allen and David Harbour.
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Lily Allen is sharing her husband David Harbour’s reaction to her feet-only OnlyFans account.

“He thinks it’s great,” Allen, 39, told her friend and cohost Miquita Oliver on the Thursday, July 4, episode of their “Miss Me?” podcast. “At first, he was like, not turned on, but he was like, ‘Is this a kink for you?’ and I was like, ‘No, it’s totally not a kink.’”

“Maybe there’s something in the power element of it that’s slightly kinky for me,” the British singer added.

Allen and Stranger Things star Harbour, 49, first started dating in 2019 and got married in Las Vegas a year later.

The “Smile” singer started her OnlyFans page last month after previously discussing the idea on an earlier episode of the “Miss Me?” podcast. Subscribers are charged $10 a month to get access to Allen’s content. As of Thursday, she has posted eight photos on her account, humorously called Lily Allen FTSE500.

On Thursday’s podcast, Allen’s cohost expressed her shock that she had gone through with creating an account. “Nattie, who I work with, she just said to me, ‘Oh, it’s cool that Lily’s got a dedicated page for her feet now,’” Oliver, 40, said. “I was like, ‘No, we just talked about that on “Miss Me?”’ And she was like, ‘No, no, she has a page now.’ What! No, you didn’t?!”

Miquita Oliver and Lily Allen

Miquita Oliver and Lily Allen
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“I have been creating foot content for the past week or so for a select group of foot enthusiasts on a specialist social media site,” Allen casually explained. “My toe daddies are very happy with the content that I am supplying.”

When Oliver asked if the content wasn’t a bit “sexual,” Allen responded: “I don’t care. I don’t think that it’s sexual. How it’s received is another thing altogether.”

Allen went on to say that she finds the account “empowering.”

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“Having been very sexualized from a very early age, and everybody else in the process profiting from that sexualization, it’s actually really fun to be in power and be in control of something I find so silly,” said the star, who first burst onto the British music scene when she was 21. “My feet!”

Speaking about her subscribers — or “toe daddies” — to date, Allen said she is very strict about the content she shares on her OnlyFans.

“Where will this end, Lily?” Oliver asked, to which Allen responded, “I know where it ends. It ends in the same place that it starts — it’s only feet. I’ve got very strict guidelines. Believe me, these guys are all up in my DMs telling me they want bespoke content and asking me for all kinds of crazy stuff, and I take such pleasure in saying, ‘Only feet.’”

David Harbour Lily Allen Relationship Timeline
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Among the content that is proving popular on Allen’s page is “toe-spreading,” said the star.

“They really wanna see me spread those toes. And apparently, I’ve got a good spread,” she quipped.

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