Kylie Kelce Admits She Needs 'Time to Herself' as Family Life Is 'Hard'

Kylie Kelce needs alone time as family life is hard

Kylie Kelce
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Kylie Kelce has admitted that she needs to “sit in silence” and be alone everyday as family life is “hard.”

The mom of three said that she has prioritized making time for herself before starting her day as it helps with her well-being. “Sometimes I have Lauren, our babysitter, come a little bit early just so that I can go and get coffee by myself,” she explained to Today on Monday, April 1.

“I don’t want to go into the coffee shop and sit. I want to get my coffee and sit in the car in silence,” she said, adding that being alone with her thoughts is something that “feels good.”

“Sometimes I get all the way to coffee and all the way back without turning on the radio and I don’t even notice because it just feels good to be sitting in silence with your thoughts and a really nice cup of caffeine,” she continued.

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Her husband, Jason Kelce, 36, with whom she raises daughters Wyatt, 4, Ellie, 3, and Bennett, 13 months, is now at home more since officially retiring from the NFL last month after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, despite having the former footballer potentially around more to help with the kids, she still also turns to her friends and family for moral support when things get overwhelming.

Kylie Kelce says she needs time alone daily

Jason and Kylie Kelce
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“Sometimes you need to say the miserable parts out loud,” she said. “It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s a beautiful thing, raising children. But it’s hard.” Kylie advised parents to “acknowledge your feelings about how hard it is, because it really makes it that much better.”

She also joked on Today that it’s time for her husband to get back to work.

“He needs to get out,” she said. “It’s not that I need him to get out of the house, it’s, like, he needs to get out of the house. I think that with three small children, I don’t think golf is gonna cut it.”

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During his March retirement speech, Jason tearfully recalled the night he and Kylie met, stating, “She was beautiful and smart, serious yet playful. I knew it right away.”

Kylie said she is “so glad” the early days of their relationship were not highly publicized, unlike Jason’s brother Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift.

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Elliotte, Jason, Wyatt and Kylie Kelce Courtesy of Kylie Kelce/Instagram
Courtesy of Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Though she didn’t directly address the pair’s romance, Kylie told Today that their family are happy if Travis, 34, is happy. (Travis and Swift, also 34, began dating not long after the athlete attended a July 2023 Eras Tour concert in Kansas City, Missouri.)

“We are always cheering on Uncle Trav,” Kylie shared. “It’s such a treat to be able to do that on and off the field. But it’s been amazing.”

Since stepping down from the team, many fans have been eager to see Jason return to football as a sports broadcaster. “I think nothing is off the table at this point,” Kylie teased on Monday. “I mean, he’s my husband so I’m biased, but I think he’s so good at everything he tries. It’s kind of a pain in the butt. But I think that nothing is off the table. I think he’s an ideas guy, so I think he’s just, sort of, letting them brew and see what happens.”

Kylie appeared on Today to help raise awareness for the Eagles Autism Foundation, which raises money for autism awareness and research and hosts events for children with autism. Just like his wife, Jason has worked to help Philadelphia youth through his nonprofit, the (Be)Philly Foundation, which works to support students’ academic journeys.

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