Fanum Is Your Favorite Celebrity's Favorite Streamer

So you’ve formed the streaming Avengers. What is it like living in a house with all these personalities?

You’ve got to understand, when it comes to AMP, there’s nothing like us. You come into our house, we’re there all the time, it’s lit. This is our job, but it does not feel like we’re working. It’s like we’re having fun, and it just never stops, bro. Somebody’s always doing something in the house.

The fame you guys have feels different compared to other celebrities. It’s new and seems a bit scary.

I don’t like the words “famous” and “celebrity.” But I’ve got to be realistic. I’ve met people who know more about me than I do myself. For traditional celebrities, they don’t show as much or it’s like a facade in a way, but we show everything that your typical traditional celebrity doesn’t.

Have you gone on any dates where someone knew too much about you?

That happened to me two or three times, but they never got far. I know when a girl does her research because she’s saying things that I’ve never told her. You went out of your way, which is kind of cool too. it’s a little weird though, like you scouted me.

From my perspective, you, Adin Ross, Kai, Jidion, Duke, IShowSpeed, Bruce Dropemoff—guys like you changed the streaming game forever.

We saw other people stream, but we shifted the way streamers are viewed. Before, it was a little geeky. Now you got rappers coming through. You’ve still got your core streamer, like what a streamer is supposed to be. But we changed the game forever. Like if I drop a song, it’s going to have a million views, no label behind it.

Even hearing Drake’s line on his new album, “My youngins richer than you rappers and they all stream.” What is it like to get that support from one of the biggest artists in the world?

Just to hear that streamers are making more than your favorite rapper is insane. The one percent of rappers still do make more, but think about MrBeast—he’s the one percent of YouTubers. I don’t watch pockets, but you do the math, Drake’s right. But our lifestyle isn’t about flexing. But I guess that’s why he threw it in there, because flexing is what rappers do. That was a cool shout to us.

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