Data Intelligence for Long-Term Strategic Planning

September 20, 2023 | 11:00 PST | 1 Hr

Sifting through the digital data storm coming from an array of sensors, GPS devices, telematics systems, and onboard computers can challenge every fleet. The webinar, “Data Intelligence for Long-Term Strategic Planning” follows one company’s journey to filter out the noise and utilize its data more effectively to adjust its capital strategy.

Discover from this real-world example how you can transform your data into actionable information for meaningful improvements. 

This webinar will highlight:

  • Developing multiple-year strategic plans
  • Setting meaningful KPIs to address key challenges or goals
  • Measuring key analytics that align with core objectives

Join us for “Data Intelligence for Long-Term Strategic Planning” to turn your fleet around by finding meaningful insights in your sea of data.

Meet the Speakers


Vice President, Strategic Services

Ed Powell

Director, Consulting Services

Jennifer Cayot

Director, Strategic Sourcing

Martin Romjue

Moderator, Managing Editor

Fleet Trucking & Transportation Group

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