Cease-fire is "the only way forward" in Israel-Hamas war, Jordanian ambassador says

Washington — Jordan’s ambassador to the U.S. said her country is calling for a cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas because her country’s leaders believe the conflict will fuel radicalism. 

Jordanian Ambassador Dina Kawar told “Face the Nation” on Sunday that up to 18,000 children could be orphaned from the war in Gaza. 

“What do we do with that?” she asked. “Some studies have shown that some of the Hamas — the majority of Hamas fighters were orphans. Our call here is for a cease-fire. … Not because we want to think differently from the rest of the world, but because we feel that with the Arab countries and with Islamic countries, this is the only way forward to stop this war and to sit around the table and go back to negotiations.” 

Kawar also questioned the strategy behind the Israeli military ordering civilians in Gaza to evacuate the northern half of the territory as it prepared for a ground invasion in the days after the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas militants. In recent days, Israel has told Palestinians to leave parts of southern Gaza. 

“These displaced people were asked to leave the north in no time to go to the south, and now they’re asked to leave the south. Didn’t didn’t anybody think that if Hamas is in the north, they would go to the south?” Kawar said. “Our worry is that this violence is going just to breed violence and it’s putting pressure in the region. And if we cannot talk to the moral compass of the world, nor to the humanitarian feelings, let’s talk strategic thinking.” 

Jordan’s King Abdullah has criticized the Israeli offensive, calling on the international community to push for an immediate cease-fire to end the killing of innocent Palestinians and allow humanitarian aid into the region. 

U.S. officials have said anything more than a temporary cease-fire to allow for the release of hostages and delivery of humanitarian aid would empower Hamas, while Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas. 

It is putting a lot of pressure on His Majesty, on the government because people are angry,” Kawar said of whether the war could destabilize relations between Jordan and Israel. “They see the images every day. I mean, we’re all angry. It’s very humiliating. It’s very hurtful and it’s inhuman. And we’re just wondering how far is this going to go? We’re calling for a cease-fire. We’re calling to go back to negotiations.” 

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