65 Tech Gifts for Men in 2024 to Upgrade Their Lives

Shopping for thoughtful, interesting, and actually useful tech gifts used to be pretty simple. Grab a Sharper Image catalog, flip to a random page, point your finger at almost anything, and done. It’s way more difficult now. For one, our phones do most of what we need. And second, a lot of tech is just kind of boring these days. And you want a gift to be more than boring. That’s why, as we put together this gift guide, we hunted for the kind of gadgets, gear, and gizmo-adjacent presents that’ll actually make ’em smile.

Here at GQ, we know that it’s tough to keep track of all the worthwhile new tech among all the duds without pulling up a dozen review guides, which is where we come in. We’ve gathered up a short list of some of our favorite new (and new-ish) tech gifts for anyone—even the folks who don’t know their Bluetooth from their Xboxes. We’ve also included plenty of GQ-tested-and-approved tech from our 2023 Home Awards, plus winners from our latest Grooming and Fitness Awards. Just make sure to stealthily check that your giftee doesn’t already own whatever’s in the gift box.

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