5 Tips to Save Big on Your Next Sam's Club Haul

Many shoppers are looking for ways to reel in their spending now that life is getting more expensive. One way that some are fighting inflation is by investing in warehouse club memberships. Joining Costco or Sam’s Club could give you access to bulk finds at discounted prices. If you’re considering becoming a member, you may seek further tips to stretch your dollars. Here are a few suggestions to help you save money when shopping at Sam’s Club.

1. Compare prices before you shop

While many deals at Sam’s Club are great buys, not every price you see will be the best. Some items may be cheaper at other retailers. Before you walk into your local club, research prices for the items you’re buying or comparable alternatives to determine if Sam’s Club has the best price. If you do this before every shopping trip, the yearly savings can add up.

2. Use Scan & Go to access extra deals

All members can use Scan & Go. Shoppers can scan product barcodes as they shop and check out in-app to check out quickly after shopping. This can help you get out the door faster and save money. The retailer promotes exclusive Scan & Go offers throughout the store. With these extra discounts, you can keep more money in your pocket.

3. Upgrade your membership to earn rewards

Sam’s Club offers two memberships. The standard Club membership costs $50 annually, while the Plus membership, which offers more benefits, is $110 a year. One perk included with a Plus membership is the ability to earn 2% in Sam’s Cash when making eligible purchases. Members can earn up to $500 in Sam’s Cash each membership year.

You can redeem Sam’s Cash for membership fees, eligible purchases at Sam’s Club or Sam’sClub.com, or cash it out at a Sam’s Club membership desk. Earning Sam’s Cash rewards can be a win for your wallet because you’ll be rewarded for your everyday shopping.

4. Shop the sales

Pay attention to what’s on sale before your next Sam’s Club haul. You can browse current sales and clearance finds by logging into the Sam’s Club app or SamsClub.com. Check the sale end date so you don’t miss a great deal. Stocking up on bulk finds when they’re discounted is an excellent way to reduce your spending.

5. Pay with a rewards credit card

You can maximize your savings with the right payment method. Using one of the best rewards credit cards to pay for your purchases can allow you to earn valuable rewards like cash back.

While you won’t get a direct discount on your bill, you can later cash out your rewards to pay yourself back for past Sam’s Club shopping hauls. You can also maximize your rewards using one of the best cash back apps.

If you pay for your purchases with cash or a debit card, you’re missing out on rewards. Check out our list of the best cash back credit cards to learn how to earn credit card rewards.

Maximize your savings

As life becomes more expensive, it pays to be strategic when shopping. The shopping tips above can help you score the best deals at Sam’s Club to keep more money in your checking account. Every dollar you save adds up, so making strategic shopping moves is worthwhile.

If you’re thinking about joining Sam’s Club, check to see if there is a current new membership offer. The retailer frequently promotes discounted membership to new customers. Investing in a Sam’s Club membership may help you reduce your household expenses.

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