3 Little-Known Perks of a Costco Executive Membership

As everyday prices continue to rise, more shoppers are looking for ways to trim their spending. One option is joining a Costco warehouse club to shop for the best deals.

But you must pay a membership fee to have the privilege of shopping here. The retailer has two membership types: a Gold Star membership and the pricier Executive membership, which offers more benefits like 2% back on most purchases.

Before investing in an Executive membership, consider whether you’ll use the extra membership perks. Here are a few lesser-known benefits of a Costco Executive membership.

1. Save more money when you order checks

If you need to order checks, an Executive Membership can help you save even more money. Costco partners with Harland Clarke to provide check-printing services to its members. As a bonus, all check orders include free, trackable standard delivery.

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2. Access additional travel benefits

You’ll also get access to additional travel perks as an Executive member. All members get access to the same travel booking rates. But Executive members can get additional extras on select Costco Travel bookings.

This may include complimentary room upgrades, food and drink credits, and spa credits. These additional amenities can improve your vacation experience and give you more value from your membership.

Executive members earn 2% rewards on their Costco spending. You can earn up to $1,000 in rewards yearly when you make eligible Costco purchases, including Costco Travel purchases. For frequent travelers, this membership upgrade can be well worth it.

As a Cosco Executive member, you also qualify for additional insurance perks when you purchase insurance policies through Costco’s insurance partners.

One example is an enrollment fee waiver for pet insurance policies purchased through Figo. Another example is free roadside assistance included with auto insurance policies purchased through CONNECT. Executive members who buy a homeowners insurance policy through CONNECT qualify for up to $100 lockout services per occurrence. Up to two claims can be made within any consecutive 12-month period.

Executive members also qualify for glass repair reimbursement if their home is broken into and they report a claim. These additional insurance perks add value to your membership.

Consider your needs and goals

If you’re planning on joining Costco and are comparing membership types, take some time to consider your needs and goals. What are you looking to get out of your membership? Can you benefit from the additional perks of a Costco Executive membership?

You should also review your finances. You’ll pay $120 annually to become an Executive member. However, a Gold Star membership only costs $60 a year.

Earn rewards when you shop at Costco

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